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If you’re interested in developing your own signature scent, or want a fun new fragrance for a special occasion, take a look at the brands we offer, and keep an eye out for new product launches and deals. We have an amazing Staff dedicated to helping you find the perfect scent and look your very best.

Typical Savings

Our prices are on average are 35% lower than Canadian retailers and 20% lower than U.S. retailers.


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1. Why are your prices lower than Canadian and U.S. retailers?

  • No Provincial/State or Federal Tax.
  • Most fragrances come from South America or Europe and have duty included in the price when they are purchased at domestic retailers. That’s not the case at Duty Free.

2. How do I choose the best fragrance for me?

  • Finding a perfume that is just right for you can feel like an overwhelming task. Given the thousands of fragrances on the market. The perfume you wear is a personal choice. People will remember you for it. They will compliment you on it. They will ask what you're wearing. You'll wear it on first dates or for your wedding.
  • Fragrances are categorized according to notes, accords or other characteristics that define their overall similarities. More often than not, we tend to lean toward a particular fragrance family -- whether we know it or not.
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Fragrance Families

  • Fresh - Fragrances categorized as fresh often include "green" notes, like fresh-cut grass, the smell of spring in the air, light citruses and airy notes.
  • Floral - Probably the most popular of all fragrance categories, floral scents encompass a wide range of blooms, from a single rose petal to a medley of floral bouquets. Floral scents may include notes of jasmine, carnation, gardenia, orange blossom, rose, lily of the valley, tuberose ... etc. Floral scents can be powdery or sweet, depending on their combinations. If you enjoy the scent of a particular flower, you should try fragrances that include notes of that flower.
  • Oriental - The Oriental fragrance group is comprised of notes that are rich, bold and overall exotic. Notes like amber and vanilla are oftentimes present in the oriental group. Oriental fragrances lean toward the "heavier" side and are more sensual fragrances, ideal for nighttime wear or romantic occasions.
  • Woody - this fragrance group consists of your aromatic wood and moss notes -- sandalwood, cedarwood, oak. Patchouli is sometimes present, as is vetiver and pine. Many masculine fragrances fall into this category, given the richness of woody scents.

Tips for Trying Fragrances

  • Talk to the fragrance expert behind the counter. Know what type of scent, using the information above, you are looking for. The sales person will help you get started in the right direction.
  • Don't cover yourself with spritzes. Fragrances cycle through three stages of notes before they finally settle into their long-lasting aroma. That, combined with your skin's chemistry, means the fragrance will smell differently as time goes on. Spraying yourself with numerous samples won't accomplish anything. Limit your sampling to two fragrances, if you're applying the samples to your skin.
  • How do I choose the best or most appropriate skincare?
    • With so many skin care products to choose from these days, choosing the right products may seem a bit intimidating.
    • Makeup does its best to enhance your favorite features and conceal your not-so-favorite, but proper skin care is essential when it comes to beauty. The first step to looking your very best is choosing the best skin care products. Healthy – and beautiful – skin is much easier to attain if you’re using skin care products that work best for your specific needs. And what works for your friend or a celebrity may not work for you. A skin care product may be popular for one reason or another, but your skin may not think it’s so great!
    • Facial skin care products that are created from the same skin care line are formulated to complement one another and deliver the most effective results when used together. Also, realizing that your skin will take a little while to adjust to the change in skin care products is important. It may take a few months for your new products to show a dramatic difference. Don’t give up too quickly on your skin care products! If you’re not sure how long you should wait before you start noticing results, consult your skin care professional for some guidance you can trust.
    • Skincare and makeup are technical and specialized so the best way to choose the most appropriate product or product line for you is to talk to a skincare professional about your skin, lifestyle, needs and wants to determine what will make you shine. Our Advisors are the best in the business and would be happy to help next time you’re crossing the border.
  • Do I need a seasonal fragrance?
    • Much like the clothing you wear, you can also think of perfume as a seasonal part of your beauty routine. Some scents work better in different types of climates, and it's best to adjust the amount of scent you wear based on the temperature outside.
    • Warm weather brings out the best in fragrances. With this in mind, it's a good idea to ease up on your perfume usage. Don't be afraid to wear a fragrance, but be more aware of its impact. Because the heat will intensify a scent, it's a good idea to go lighter on your application of perfume and choose a lighter scent. Citrus and floral accords are perfect for this time of year, because they're light, refreshing and blend well with other scents that occur naturally in the environment.
    • On the other hand, cold weather is great for perfumes from the amber accord. When it's cold outside, rich and spicy exotic scents almost give you the feeling of warmth. Lower temperatures can lessen the impact of a scent, so layering on various forms of a complex perfume make a better impression.
    • Spring and fall are transitional seasons, so as the weather gets cooler or warmer, your scent should also ramp up or tone down accordingly. Bring out floral notes during spring, and splash on warmer scents as summer turns into fall.
  • Do most people just use one fragrance or multiple?
    • Fragrance is a very personal choice and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to commit to just one scent. So whether you decide to stick with one signature scent, or you choose your perfume based on your mood or the seasons, always be aware of how the fragrance interacts with your body chemistry and the temperature. Adjust it accordingly, and no matter what perfume you choose, you're bound to make an impact.
  • From Canada: Can I purchase Fragrance or Cosmetics if I’m just going to the U.S. for the day?
    • Yes you can.
    • Fragrance, Cosmetics (along with all other items we sell, with the exception of alcohol and tobacco) are treated the same as any purchases at regular retailers in the U.S.
  • From U.S.: Can I purchase Fragrance or Cosmetics if I’ve been in Canada for less than 48 hours?
    • Yes you can.
    • Fragrance, Cosmetics (along with all other items we sell, with the exception of alcohol and tobacco) are treated the same as any purchases at regular retailers in Canada

Properly apply nail polish:

Properly apply makeup:

Properly apply fragrance:

  • Use fragrance free body wash to avoid distorting the fragrance scent.
  • Apply fragrance directly after your shower. Spray some on your skin after drying and prior to putting on your clothes. Your skin will absorb the scent better, and you won’t run the risk of staining your clothes or jewellery.
  • If you are not planning to shower, apply a small amount of unscented lotion before you spray because fragrance lasts longer on hydrated skin.
  • Your wrists and neck emit the most heat so both are good places to spray a small amount on these areas allowing the fragrance to diffuse out from the body. Don’t overdo it - pick one or two key places and spray each one once or twice.
  • Avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying fragrance. The heat increases the interaction between the fragrance and skin’s natural oils, which can change the scent.

Duty Free Allowances


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