Loyalty Club

Member Benefits

Savings Credit earned on regular priced merchandise amounts to a 5% discount

Exclusive Promotions Each month you may have access to exclusive promotions

e-Newsletter Includes new products, promotions, event invitations, drink recipes etc.

Rules and Regulations

  1. You must shop at the Duty Free a minimum of 3 times/year to maintain your loyalty status
  2. Credit may not be used the same day credit is earned
  3. You must present your loyalty card prior to payment otherwise points will not be awarded
  4. Credit is earned at a rate of 1% for initial purchase date then 5% on subsequent purchase dates
  5. Credit is earned on net sale prices and excludes tobacco, tickets and other non-duty free items
  6. Credit earned may be less than 5% for sale items based on the sole discretion of Duty Free
  7. Credit can only be redeemed by the member to whom it was issued and in $20 increments
  8. Changes may be made to the rules and regulations at any time without notice
  9. Ongoing correspondence with members is a mandatory requirement

The e-newsletter you will receive monthly will include value-added information such as travel alerts, CBSA & CBP regulation changed, new product information, promotions and events

Use of Information

This information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any outside agency. All information is MANDATORY for membership to remain active. Invalid information will result in forfeiture of credit.


On your next visit to the Queenston Lewiston Duty Free, please inform our Sales Staff or Cashier you would like to sign up for the loyalty club. The Staff willl provide you with a registration form (all iinformation is mandatory includng a valid email) and quickly review the details of the program. You will be given a loyalty card on your next visit to be used going forward. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the store at any time.