FDFA makes it easier for cross-border travellers to understand duty free allowances

Jun 13, 2013

Canada's Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) has announced the launch of two new interactive videos—one for Canadiansand one for Americans—aimed at educating cross-border travellers on  the benefits of shopping at land border duty free stores and how much can be purchased. 

The interactive experience will be available on www.dutyfreecanada.com, a website launched by the FDFA as a resource for travellers who want more information on shopping duty free, as well as on the FDFA’s YouTube channel. Shortened trailers of the videos—available in both French and English—will also be made available for Canadian land border retailers to play in store.

Laurie Karson, Executive Director of the FDFA, says that the initiative is largely about demystifying the rules related to limits and exemptions: "These videos are just one more way that the FDFA is making sure consumers know that they can and should take advantage of shopping duty free at Canadian land border duty free stores," she explains. "In addition to saving time by stopping at a duty free store on their way, travellers will find exclusive products and offers available only at Canadian land border shops. Perhaps most importantly, though, many of the items sold in duty free offer considerable savings over regular retail stores." 

Many Canadians travelling to the US don't realize that they can purchase 1 litre of liquor on their way to the US at Canadian duty free shops. With the considerable savings that duty free offers, Canadians travelling to the US can lighten the burden on their wallets while purchasing items that they likely buy in regular retail stores anyway.

"Our new videos set out rules for both Canadian and American cross-border travellers in a very easy to understand manner, and the added element of interactivity makes learning about allowances fun,"concludes Karson. "I invite consumers to visit www.dutyfreecanada.com to see for themselves how easy, enjoyable and convenient buying duty free can be." 

For further information please contact: 

Allison Boucher, Office and Convention Manager, FDFA

Office: 613-688-9788